Being an Agile Leader – 70% of agile companies rank in the top quartile of organisational health, according to a McKinsey study that the Directors Club reviewed in 2016. What was most surprising however was that an Agile company is as equally stable as it is fast to move so works off a solid backbone of what endures. This is best explained with the Smartphone Analogy; the phone is fixed which then allows Apps to be dynamic and evolve as the world around changes. Companies that were simply fast to move had only 23% in the top quartile of performance.

Following on from this the Directors Club focussed on Agile leadership at this quarters Leaders Forum, looking at the Mindset and Tools required to succeed.

As a context to the Mindset of an Agile leader Insights from MY0B and the Project Management Initiative were reviewed and the following themes were discussed:

  • The need to develop a culture of continuous improvement
  • Change, making it constant and comfortable for everyone in the organisation
  • The personal journey from Directive Leader to devolving decision making
  • Setting outcomes and leaving the HOW to our teams
  • Empowering people to solve their own problems
  • Creating collaborative environments, both internally and externally
  • Evolving the culture and the required behaviours
  • Putting the customer at the centre of everything that we do

To kick off the discussions of the Toolset of an Agile Leader the group revisited the Lean Start-up principles of Eric Reis and the Minimal Viable Product approach. Some great examples were shared from the attendees of Minimal Viable Service and changes to internal practices using this same agile approach.

Linking the above to Design Thinking and Agile Project Working was also an exciting consideration for creating a complete end to end agile process.

How Leaders manage their time was a big consideration for becoming an Agile Leader and Michael Porter’s HBR study The Leaders Calendar was a great frame for this

The day was wrapped up with some great agile working sessions on real challenges that the attendees were facing and all left with real practical actions to start their agile leadership journey.

If you are interested in joining The Directors Club at future events or would like to discuss your challenges in taking your organisation to the next level, please get in touch.

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