Clarity, direction, and implementation

It starts with a mission…

Some things you need to know about what drives us:

  1.  We are passionate about making a difference and using our experience to help people succeed
  2.  We want to disrupt the traditional world of management consultancy and leadership development because the world has changed and something different is needed to support and help you
  3.  We want to release the potential in individuals, teams and organisations so they can be the best they can be

We strive to give individuals, teams and organisations everything they need to change and succeed.

Where are you now, where are you going and how do you make the shift?

Our process

How we work is all about taking you on this journey and working with you to implement the change needed to succeed.


We’ll agree the destination, how you want to go on the journey, and who will come with you


Everything is customised towards your desired outcomes and the nuances of your people and business


We’ll work with you to develop strategic and tactical plans to achieve the outcomes you require


We facilitate, support, and hold you accountable for action and implementation of the changes required for success


Our tried-and-tested process will release the potential and capacity of your teams and business


Situations change; we continue to learn as we go, so the ability to adapt and flex is paramount

Blended support programmes

We go beyond simply offering advice, and knowledge by providing all of our clients with a blended approach that incorporates:

  • A toolbox of knowledge and resources
  • Coaching & support to provide feedback and challenge your thinking
  • A peer network of like-minded business leaders
  • Implementation & accountability

Unlike traditional management consultants, change agents and training companies, Lucid’s focus centres around empowering the people we work with, and giving them access to a toolbox of support that enables them to make a difference for themselves. Our programs are designed to help them become better leaders who run better businesses.

Our programs also benefit from our extensive range of IP, including the Change Success Model, which has an industry-leading 80% success rate (typical success rates on change initiatives are reported at around 30% – various sources).

No silver bullet – we simplify the complex

There is no silver bullet when taking a business to the next level and, because of this, it is often made to feel overly complex. It isn’t simple, but a key feature of how we work is in how we simplify the complex to help you navigate the key challenges.


To help with this we have developed a unique toolbox of resources that have been specifically designed to provide the skills needed for effective long-term strategic success.

Part of The MINDSHOP Advisory Community

Lucid is an award-winning member of the MINDSHOP Advisory Network, a group of global advisory firms that come together in a community to share best practice and grant their advisors formal accreditations. This ensures the quality of our work and holds us to an ongoing plan of personal and professional development.

MINDSHOP also creates a shared resource for the community that is used to deliver operational capability, manage and develop our online resource centre, undertake research and create IP that will add value to our clients.


What can Lucid do for your business?