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SalesShift 2020

Find out why solution selling is dead, and learn about the biggest shift in sales in 20 years with this free report that demonstrates how to transform your organisation’s sales function to align with a rapidly changing business world.


Deloitte Human Capital Report 2017

The 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report reflects seismic changes in the world of business. This new era, often called the Fourth Industrial Revolution has fundamentally transformed business, the broader economy, and society.

Global Business Leader Survey 2018

Building new capabilities provides you a ‘ticket to the game’ as a business leader but does not automatically guarantee your success. This report highlights both the business capabilities and high-performance habits that will help bridge the gap to success in 2018.

  • “There is a real power in the group and the ideas that come from it. But for me, the tangible results that I get in such a short space of time that I can actually implement is why this is so valuable.”
    — Sally Bevan – Managing Director, Santander
  • “It has been hugely valuable and enjoyable to work with Lucid, and I acknowledge that their input has already added value to our sales teams with significant behavioural change seen as a result.”
    — Graham McKean – Managing Director, Santander
  • “We were a fragmented leadership team, so bringing us together and thinking in the same direction was really important. Lucid did this really well and helped us apply tools and frameworks in a simple and relevant way.”
    — Adam Maher – Group Development Director, ETG
  • "Lucid has made a significant impact on our business and the individuals within it. The value they have provided and continue to add is why we keep on working with them."
    — James Villarreal – CEO, Glide
  • "I continue to be impressed with Lucid’s innovative approaches in dealing with a client's communication strategy. They have the ability to quickly identify the needs of both the client and their customer, allowing for the development and implementation of focused and effective communication channels. Consummate professionals and really good guys."
    — Business Development Manager, FTSE 100 Corporate
  • "I've just been running my figures for the first 6 months and I'm 10% up on projected turnover and these last 3 months should theoretically have been the quietest. Thanks again for all your help."
    — Lee Kemp – MD, Vermillion Films
  • "It’s a lonely place at the top so mixing with people at the same level with the same issues is really useful in working through our challenges."
    — Richard Toy – CEO, Auctus
  • "I love the opportunity to get out of my daily grind, work on the business and gain valuable and different views from my peers."
    — Martin Doyle – Managing Director, ETG
  • Working with Lucid always gives tangible results. They tailor everything, so it is always relevant to our specific situation. We have seen significant change whilst working with Lucid and a real acceleration in the capability of our leaders."
    — Sally Bevan – Managing Director, Santander
  • “I have sometimes struggled to identify the real root cause of issues in our business but the Directors Club sessions have helped to clear the mist and get me more focused.”
    — Rebecca Barry – Managing Partner, ENL

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