Simplifying the complex has been proven to both increase revenue growth and profit margins. That was the focus of our latest Leaders Forum which took place this week in Birmingham.

Following on from our 2018 Global Business Leaders Survey, click here to get your free copy, our members spent the morning focused on bridging the gap between capability and actual success. More specifically also how to unlock the value in their business and teams.

We heard some great insights from the London Business School and others into how the organisations with the simpler business models and reduced amounts of complexity were significantly faster growing and more profitable.  It was also great to have one of our own members as a shining example of this and able to share their secrets with the group.

There were some excellent working sessions around Strategy Mapping and developing competitive advantage using some real-life case studies from Aldi, Southwest and ABN Group.

The day was wrapped up with some great insights into Dysfunctional Teams and the group sharing approaches to dealing with difficult team members

If you are interested in joining The Directors Club at future events, or would like to discuss your challenges in taking your organisation to the next level, please get in touch.