Staying focused as a leader was a major factor identified by the members and guests at our latest Leaders Forum which took place this week in Birmingham.

Following on from our 2018 Global Business Leaders Survey, click here to get your free copy, our group of business leaders spent the morning focused on how they could avoid change fatigue when driving their plans forward in 2019.

We kicked off with some excellent working sessions around personal business visions and the importance of aligning them with the company’s vision. There were also some useful insights into how to use them to both drive and align teams. Discussions then followed into how this can develop your own Leadership Competitive Advantage and the power of creating a leadership theme to pin your team engagements to.

Insights from Gagen MacDonald on change fatigue highlighted that around 52% of leaders found navigating change fatigue the biggest frustration they have when leading transformational growth. Nearly 50% of them also felt their biggest challenge would be employees becoming disengaged and exhausted. This was closely followed by Organisational Structure constraints (c41%) and cultural barriers (also c41%). The members shared experiences on how to tackle these challenges proved to be one of the most powerful parts of the day.

The rest of the session was wrapped up with discussions and exercises on topics including; Perfectionism feeding procrastination, using the Change Success Model to identify blocks in transforming, the need for momentum in strategy implementation and the use of simple language to engage your people. The latter being framed around Simon Sinek’s latest thinking.

As always, the real value in the day was like minded Leaders supporting and learning from each other.

If you interested in joining The Directors Club at future events or would like to discuss your challenges in taking your organisation to the next level, please get in touch.