The Directors Club

Running a business or leading a department can be a lonely role. The Directors Club is an exclusive network of directors and company owners who come together to learn from one another and provide support.

A space for directors to grow

Learn, be challenged, and get peer-to-peer support in a constructive, understanding, and confidential environment.

Access to an exclusive network

Joining The Directors Club will give you instant access to a ready-made network of fellow directors, MDs, and CEOs from high-turnover companies, all of whom will be able to offer you support, feedback, and their own insight.

High-quality engagement

The Directors Club meet with like-minded business leaders in sessions facilitated by fully accredited advisors, and benefit from all the resources they need to take their business development and leadership skills to the next level.

Unbiased, confidential support

Directors Club sessions are understood by all to be judgement-free environments where members can speak freely and discreetly about issues that are bothering them, and offer their own support and opinions in a constructive manner.

Why join The Directors Club?

The Directors Club is more than sounding board; we offer a range of resources and services designed to help directors personally and professionally.

Membership includes...
  • – Quarterly peer workshops
  • – Regular Leadership & Insight webinars
  • – Cloud-based business resource centre
  • – 24/7 community support and feedback
  • – Exclusive access to members-only events
  • – Annual strategy challenge
  • – One-to-one coaching

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Benefits of joining
  • – Gain valuable insight and knowledge
  • – Learn and receive support from your peers
  • – Become accountable to your goals
  • – Get real clarity and focus
  • – Challenge your thinking
  • – Improve your leadership skills
  • – Access a ready-made network of contacts


What do others think of The Directors Club?

  • “There is a real power in the group and the ideas that come from it. But for me, the tangible results that I get in such a short space of time that I can actually implement is why this is so valuable.”
    — Sally Bevan – Managing Director, Santander
  • “I have sometimes struggled to identify the real root cause issues in our business, but The Directors Club sessions have helped to clear the mist and get me more focused.”
    — Managing Partner
  • "It’s a lonely place at the top so mixing with people at the same level with the same issues is really useful in working through our challenges."
    — Richard Toy – CEO, Auctus
  • “I have sometimes struggled to identify the real root cause of issues in our business but the Directors Club sessions have helped to clear the mist and get me more focused.”
    — Rebecca Barry – Managing Partner, ENL
  • “These sessions are gold dust!”

    — Richard Beard – Group CEO, The Jericho Foundation

Is The Directors Club right for you?

Take a look at the points below – if they sound familiar, please get in touch!

Please note: to maintain a high standard and ensure members can provide peer-to-peer support, The Directors Club is only open to directors of companies with a minimum annual turnover of £20m, or upwards of £5m if they can demonstrate a solid growth strategy backed by recent figures.


You feel there’s no-one you can go to for feedback – many directors don’t feel able to discuss high-level decisions with employees.


Your market is evolving and feel like you don’t have the skills required to respond to the changing nature of the modern workplace.


It can be lonely at the top, especially when you’re there alone. Working without a team can leave you feeling alienated and isolated.


Your hours are consumed by an unhealthy amount of work, and you have little time or energy to devote to life beyond your business.

Jason Langford Brown

“We started The Directors Club after our day-to-day work showed us that the modern working environment places a different set of demands on business leaders, who don’t necessarily have the resources to respond to these changes. Our aim is to facilitate groups where directors can develop these skills.”

Jason Langford-Brown
CEO, Lucid Group

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