The Lucid Foundation

We’re passionate about making a difference and releasing the potential in individuals so they can be the best they can be. That’s why we donate a percentage of our profits to our community initiative where we help disadvantaged and young people develop the personal and leadership skills they need to succeed.

Playing our part in the wider community

We believe all businesses should contribute to the communities that serve them and make it possible for them to succeed. We do this by delivering and supporting a number of initiatives that enable both young and disadvantaged people.

Current Initiatives


This programme fast-tracks the development of young minds through a one-week employer hosted work experience program aimed at fostering skills such as teamwork and self-confidence. Our goal is to provide these individuals with the opportunity to understand more about how to succeed in the working world.



Ella forums is a leadership development program specifically designed to inspire and develop the leaders of Charities and Social Enterprises to grow their organisations. Our goal is to provide these individuals with leadership capability so that more of the money raised goes to this great cause.


  • “I happened to meet one of the parents over the half-term break who was extremely impressed by the presentation and the effect it seems to have had on her son. She told me that he ‘didn’t want the week to end’ and that she had never seen him so animated!”
    — Mrs Angela Moore – Head of Seniors, Highclare School
  • “Since I’ve been a part of Ella my effectiveness as a leader is at least 50% greater."
    — Thomas Memery – CEO, Omega
  • "I just wanted to thank you again for your input into my professional and personal development over the last two years. My growth has been extraordinary and is largely due to being a member of Ella and a pupil of yours. Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise with such warmth. Keep doing what you’re doing!"
    — Lucia, Pupil

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