Why work with Lucid?

Working together to achieve faster results and sustainable change

We’re not like other management consultants, change agents, and leadership development companies. We only have one goal: yours.

We may not be what you think you’re looking for; we don’t do stand-alone reports and leadership development courses because, in isolation, they just don’t work. Instead, we have developed blended programmes of support that are designed to get you the results you seek.

To decide whether we are right for each other, it is worth considering our core underlying principles…



Our approach is all about working together to implement both organisational and behavioural change.


We believe the process of business improvement and developing leadership capability cannot be separated.


We undertake a journey customised to the results you want, and this remains agile throughout.


There is rarely a silver bullet, however…


We will always look to simplify the complex.

What’s your journey?

  • Scaling up
  • Managing growth effectively
  • Improving team performance
  • Reducing waste and increasing efficiency
  • Improving or maintaining profitability as you grow
  • Strengthening leadership within your organisation
  • Overall change: the business, your hearts, and your minds

If you identify with one or more of the above scenarios and can get on board with our principles, then we’d like to talk to you.

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We have the experience to help you

We make your business goals our priority

When you achieve, we achieve. We approach each and every project we work on with the same dedication, regardless of whether we’re dealing with the sales teams of FTSE 100 companies or Managing Directors of SME. But don’t just take our word for it…

“Bringing in Lucid has made a significant and positive impact on our business and the individuals within it. The value they have provided and continue to add to the company is why we plan to keep on working with them.”

James Villarreal
CEO, Glide

“We were a fragmented leadership team, so bringing us together and thinking in the same direction was really important. Lucid did this really well and helped us apply tools and frameworks in a simple, relevant way.”

Adam Maher
Group Development Director, ETG

“Working with Lucid always gives tangible results. They tailor everything, so it is always relevant to our situation. We have seen significant change whilst working with Lucid and a real acceleration in the capability of our leaders.”

Sally Beavan
Managing Director, Santander

  • “We have had excellent feedback from your leadership workshops.”
    — Director
  • “Amazing! You smashed it, honestly the best session we have had!”
    — CEO
  • “Another great business planning session with Lucid this morning, feeling inspired for the year ahead!"
    — Managing Director
  • “I happened to meet one of the parents over the half-term break who was extremely impressed by the presentation and the effect it seems to have had on her son. She told me that he ‘didn’t want the week to end’ and that she had never seen him so animated!”
    — Mrs Angela Moore – Head of Seniors, Highclare School
  • “Since I’ve been a part of Ella my effectiveness as a leader is at least 50% greater."
    — Thomas Memery – CEO, Omega
  • "I just wanted to thank you again for your input into my professional and personal development over the last two years. My growth has been extraordinary and is largely due to being a member of Ella and a pupil of yours. Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise with such warmth. Keep doing what you’re doing!"
    — Lucia, Pupil
  • “Driving a sustainable change in an organisation ultimately comes down to people and helping them make often significant behavioural shifts. That’s why we had to ensure we had the right profiling tools to sit alongside our programs.”
    — CEO
  • "They are dynamic and energetic professionals, with real expertise in the area of Human Performance. They are a pleasure to work with and will always deliver significant business results, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."
    — Director
  • “Lucid understand what makes people tick and how to build high performing teams. I can testify to their professionalism and dedication to good practice.”
    — Managing Director
  • “There is a real power in the group and the ideas that come from it. But for me, the tangible results that I get in such a short space of time that I can actually implement is why this is so valuable.”
    — Sally Bevan – Managing Director, Santander

Interested in our services?

BusinessShift addresses all the factors that are hindering business performance, helping promising companies achieve sustainable growth and reach the next level.

SalesShift is a development and support programme designed to release the potential of sales teams, accelerate sales performance, and provide measurable results.

A key driver to developing leadership capability starts with knowing yourself and your team better. Our Profiling service helps you gain this understanding.

The Directors Club is an exclusive network of directors who come together to learn and provide peer-to-peer support and feedback in a confidential environment.


What can Lucid do for your business?