A customised blended support program for ambitious business and sales leaders who want to accelerate sales performance and release the sales potential in their teams.

The SalesShift Program

Will deliver enhanced sales leadership performance and the achievement of one, or a combination of sales growth, more profitable sales, sustainable customer relationships and increased customer lifetime value. It is always tailored to your specific needs and will typically address…

Sales skillset

How do we identify, cultivate, and firmly embed in our sales teams the skills required to sell successfully in the modern era?

Sales toolset

How do we develop the necessary tools and methods required to acquire and maintain the right type of customers?

Sales mindset

How do we ensure people are of the right mindset and believe in themselves and the organisation’s ability to sell?

Sales culture

How do we develop and nurture a culture across the organisation that creates an environment in which sales will succeed?


How do we ensure our sales effort is fully aligned and integrated with the overarching strategy of the organisation?


How do we build leadership capability to take us to next level and release the capacity of sales leaders to deliver?

Sales process

How do we develop an underpinning sale process that gives us the transparency of progress and future performance?

Change success

How do we ensure change success? Our programs are built on the only statistically proven change model in the world.


How do we ensure we take action, implement and not just plan, hold people accountable and measure the outcomes?

Sales behaviours

How do we embed and monitor the behaviours, habits and disciplines that are critical for sales success?

3 levels of support

1. Join The Directors Club

To get first-line support with your SalesShift journey, join The Directors Club to access a peer-led network and workshops, online business resource centre, 24/7 support and optional 1:1 coaching.

2. Sales Leader Implementation

In addition to membership of The Directors Club, you can dramatically accelerate your SalesShift journey with personalised 1:1 sessions with a fully accredited and experienced sales advisor.

3. Sales Leaders Academy

Working with you and then adding your wider leadership/sales team(s) to your customised and internalised academy will accelerate your journey further and drive the sales leadership capability needed to succeed. Academies include: leader membership to The Directors Club, peer collaboration and leadership team workshops, customised online business resource centre, 24/7 support, 1:1 advisory and coaching sessions, all designed to drive improvement projects, and embed learning.


What do others think of SalesShift?

  • “It has been hugely valuable and enjoyable to work with Lucid, and I acknowledge that their input has already added value to our sales teams with significant behavioural change seen as a result.”
    — Graham McKean – Managing Director, Santander
  • "The Lucid team is dynamic and forward thinking. Well versed in customer strategy, sales strategy, team development, and CRM, they provide a strong bounce board to your ideas and as a result, provide good consultancy and advice."
    — Managing Director
  • "Lucid have reduced our operating costs by over 30% and improved our brand integration, giving us a platform to improve client retention and acquisition. We are looking forward to Lucid revolutionising the way we communicate with our customers."
    — Managing Director
  • “SalesShift is one of the best sales development programs I have ever been involved in – it is always interesting, engaging, entertaining and has certainly given us some very useful ‘food for thought’ around our sales strategy. We’re looking forward to continuing the journey.”
    — National Head of Business Development
  • “Lucid are always inspirational and informative, but most of all we get practical output that has helped us revolutionise our selling approach and continue our growth journey.”
    — Sales & Marketing Director
  • "They are dynamic and energetic professionals, with real expertise in the area of Human Performance. They are a pleasure to work with and will always deliver significant business results, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."
    — Director, Global Investment Bank
  • "I continue to be impressed with Lucid’s innovative approaches in dealing with a client's communication strategy. They have the ability to quickly identify the needs of both the client and their customer, allowing for the development and implementation of focused and effective communication channels. Consummate professionals and really good guys."
    — Business Development Manager, FTSE 100 Corporate
  • "Lucid have reduced our production costs by over 30%, given us postal savings of 33% and improved our brand integration that will give us a platform to improve client retention and acquisition. We are looking forward to Lucid revolutionising the way we communicate with our customers”
    — Managing Director, Specialist Leisure Insurer
  • "The Lucid team is dynamic and forward thinking. Well versed in customer strategy, sales strategy, team development, and CRM they provide a strong bounce board to your ideas and as a result provide good consultancy and advice."
    — Managing Director, Data Marketing Agency

Is SalesShift right for you?

Are you ready to take your organisation’s sales to the next level? If the following sounds familiar, get in touch!


SalesShift is for multi-million-pound companies who wish to improve the strength of their sales leaders and sales teams that will take the sales performance to the next level. Our clients include medium to large SMEs and larger corporate organisations. They all have this in common, however: a desire to be challenged, an openness to learn, ambition, and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed.


If your challenges include one or a combination of the following, we should talk: we want to scale-up; we want to drive more profitable sales; we need to strengthen the sales leadership within our organisation; we need to improve overall sales performance; we need to reduce customer churn; we need to change – the business, hearts and minds.

Jason Langford Brown

“Sales Shift is designed to drive real action in your organisation and to hold you accountable for it. Our aim is to empower and enable you and your teams to eventually deliver this yourself so it becomes a sustainable change.”

Jason Langford-Brown
CEO, Lucid Group

How can SalesShift help you?

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