Other services

To complement our Shift programs and to enhance your journey to the next level

What else can Lucid offer?

We also provide a range of complimentary services to support your growth journey including health-checks, business diagnostics, workshops, keynote speakers, events, training, and non-exec positions.


To give clarity to where you are now and the challenges ahead we offer Business Reviews, Scopes & Diagnostics.


We run a wide variety of interactive workshops on challenges around Business Growth, Leadership and Team Performance.


We have extensive experience of delivering Keynote speeches on Business Scale-up, Leadership, Team Performance, Marketing, Sales and Change Success.


The events we can run include Strategy Days, Conferences to Team Away Days, and can be tailored to your requirements.

Leadership development

Developing leadership capability and capacity form a core part of our Shift programs but we can also tailor these as required.


Like leadership development this forms part of any customised program we run but if you have specific training requirements you want to discuss, let us know.

Life coaching

As professional coaches we regularly work 1:1 with our clients and that often encompasses a more holistic life approach.

Non-exec positions

We regularly sit as Non-exec on our clients boards and have team members with over 10 years of Non-Exec experience.

  • “We have had excellent feedback from your leadership workshops.”
    — Director
  • “Amazing! You smashed it, honestly the best session we have had!”
    — CEO
  • “Another great business planning session with Lucid this morning, feeling inspired for the year ahead!"
    — Managing Director

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